Do you need affordable and professional formatting for Smashwords?

Files for Smashwords are formatted using their premium catalog style guide and guaranteed to be accepted into the premium catalog. I format all genres of fiction: novels, novellas, and short stories. (At this time, I'm not doing formatting for non-fiction books.)
Files can be created in MS Word .doc or .epub. All .epub files are validated through and guaranteed to pass .epubcheck. EPUB files are required for Apple, Kobo, Nook, Google, and other e-book retailers.

Email me: for a price quote, expected turnaround time, and payment information.
Prices start at $10 for short stories under 10k words.

DISCLAIMERS: I require prepayment in full from all new clients. (Payment arrangements will be given when price and turnaround are agreed upon.) I guarantee my formatting will pass Smashwords' premium vetting and will fix any issues that might arise with Smashwords at no extra charge. If the author requests changes due to author errors, an extra charge may be assessed to generate the revised formats. My services do not include anything that falls under the header of editing such as proofreading, content editing, grammar or spellchecks. I do not act as a publisher and/or distributor of e-books. After the formatted manuscript is returned to the client, it is the client's responsibility to publish the manuscript in the venue(s) of his/her choice. Proper formatting is not a guarantee of sales. The selling/marketing of the book is the responsibility of the author/publisher.

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PRIVACY POLICY: Any materials transmitted to me for the purpose of receiving a price quote for ebook formatting will be used only for that purpose and deleted immediately if the author chooses not to use my services. If an author chooses to use my services, any materials transmitted to me (e.g. manuscripts, artwork, or any other information regarding the author's work) will be used only for the purpose of ebook formatting and will not be shared by any means in whole or in part with any third party. All files and data maintained by this business are used solely for the purpose of doing business as a freelance ebook formatter.

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